Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Excuses, Excuses!

While some say they do not have time to fit in a twenty minute run, other say their knee hurts, shins hurt, and feet hurt. Some common tips to preventing or helping reduce pain is right here for you.

Back Pain- Could be the cause of weak legs. While your back supports you body's movement, the legs hold all the force. The cure: Stretch well before running. Try to avoid static stretching. Start with jumping jacks to get your tendons, ligaments and muscles warm before streching them to the max. Cross training is also very important. To strenthen legs- example: squats, lunges and stair running.

Knee Pain- (Runner's Knee)- I have been a victim of this problem for years. Although there are many knee injuries- Runners knee is the most common. Pain in the center or behind the knee, the knee feels as though it is giving out, cracking noises and swelling are common symptoms. To avoid these problems- try running on softer ground, rather than the usual concrete/pavement. Do not increase you mileage for than 10% a week. This will help your body as a whole improve and prevent injury. If you already suffer from Runners Knee- reduce mileage. Allowing your knee to heal itself is the most important thing. But also RICE it after a run. (RICE- Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Proper shoes are also a preventative tool.

Shin Splints- It means you are running too much, too soon! Try taping right below your knee to relieve some pain while exercising. Shoes are an important part of running. Shoes should not exceed 300 miles on them.